A Quincy couple was arrested for allegedly trafficking fentanyl, cocaine, and a slew of other drugs after a two month investigation by police, Quincy police said. Officers followed the vehicle Pereira was in and stopped it in the area of Quincy Avenue and Falls Boulevard at about 5 p.

Pereira was shown the search warrant and arrested when police found him to be in possession of suboxone with the intent to distribute, Barkas said. Police then brought Pereira back to his apartment to execute the search warrant.

Police said they found a plastic sandwich bag containing white powder they believed was fentanyl in the front pocket of her sweatshirt. The powder and bag weighed about Pereira and Adams were arrested and charged with trafficking Class A fentanyl over 36 grams, trafficking Class B cocaine 18 to 36 grams, possession of Class B with intent to distribute oxycodonepossession of Class B with intent to distribute methamphetaminepossession of Class B with intent to distribute suboxonepossession of Class D with intent to distribute marijuanapossession of class E with intent to distribute gabapentinand conspiracy to violate the controlled substances act.

DAILY BLOTTER: Jan. 27, 2020

Caroline Enos can be reached at caroline. Follow her on Twitter CarolineEnos. Quincy couple arrested on charges of trafficking cocaine and fentanyl By Caroline Enos Globe CorrespondentUpdated February 4,p. Email to a Friend. View Comments.Speaking to a standing room only audience at ScarefestChris Dedman announced his intention to study under Bishop James Long and to become a full-fledged Demonologist.

Dedman cautioned: Do not enter this field of study lightly. Included in the presentation was an authenticated audio clip from the infamous Anneliese Michel possession case.

In the clip, you can hear the afflicted young adult spouting off in Latin; the intensity and enormity of the demonic possession is quite evident. It is haunting. Anneliese Michel 9. She was prescribed medication; however, she began hearing voices soon after.

So began the possession of Anneliese. She, her parents, and two local priests believed that she was possessed by a demon. At the age of 23, she withstood 67 exorcisms over a 10 month period. During that time, her behavior became more erratic and bizarre and her health rapidly declined.

She died weighing 68 pounds and with both knees broken from continual genuflecting. Her parents and the priests were charged with negligent homicide topic for another blog. The possession of Anneliese is the topic of three movies and thousands of Internet postings.

The second case was from February and profiled on the popular paranormal series Paranormal State. Over 10 paranormal teams abandoned this case. Dedman reinforced the idea that teams who find themselves over their heads should call in help. The case involved the supposed possession of Laura, a young woman from Quincy, Illinois. Dedman met Chip Coffey on this case. Contrary to skeptical Internet criticism, Coffey did not travel with the crew and did not know anything about the case prior to his walk-through.

Once someone faces a demon, he is marked for life. Relationships suffer. Health issues arise. Lives change—and not for the better.

Dedman protects himself with a blessed St. Benedict medal. Michael, the Archangel. And he always puts people first. Proceeds from his booth sales go to the Catholic Church. Tags anneliese michelax murder houseCatholic Churchchris dedmandemonic possesionexorcismsi am sixscarefest. Chris Dedman. Anneliese Micel. Post to Cancel.Lately, tidbits about psychic chicanery and "paranormal" posers. Earlier, snarky reviews of "paranormal state"; including guest reviews by the RevDrDK.

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lara quincy illinois possession

A brief guide to finding the right person to exorcise unwanted spirits, ghosts and daemons from your home. Cocktail Party Physics. Physics Week in Review: January 19, 1 year ago.

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Who Forted? The Onion.

lara quincy illinois possession

Rational Moms. Top Rated Cold Press Juicers 4 years ago. Bad Astronomy. Thank you 7 years ago. The Ghost Divas. What's The Harm? Beverly A. Wunder 11 years ago. The Skeptic's Dictionary - Skepdic. Grassroots Skeptics. The Amateur Scientist. The Skepbitch. Stop Sylvia Browne. BeerAdvocate - Respect Beer.

James Randi Educational Foundation. About Me bellaboo florida, United States according to the rabid fans of the "paranormal state" show, the even more rabid fans of chip coffey, and the whole paranormal posse that is hanging on for dear life to the coattails of the paranormal money machine, i am the devil incarnate.

View my complete profile. Subscribe To Posts Atom.Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at p. A cast iron stove, a blue Vulcan gas powered scooter and stove parts were stolen. No suspects. Nothing was missing from the apartment. Evans, 27, Rainbow Lane, for expired registration. Investigation to continue.

Ozbelent, 51, Monroe, for vandalism at Monroe. Morrison, 20, College Ave. Thomas, 39, Payson, for driving while license revoked at 36th and Broadway. Harvey, 35, Locust, for FTA-fighting. Lucas, 22, N. Neese, 44, U. Lodged and new charge for driving while license suspended. Shumpert, 57, Jefferson, improper lane usage, at block of Lind. Engle, 35, Maiden Lane, for operating uninsured motor vehicle at Seventh and Kentucky. Peyton, Cherry, stealing at Broadway.

Smith, 50, S. Brockmiller, 22, Fieldstone, for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident at 48th and Maine. Bopp, 43, S. Parker, 66, Lind, disregard stop sign at North Fourth and Vermont.

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Odom, 21, Langston Dr. C11, Baytown, Texas, for operating an uninsured vehicle and no valid registration. Dagget, 36, Quincy, arrested for possession of methamphetamine at 11th and York. Mueller, 43, Quincy, arrested for a burglary warrant at Ninth and State. Major, 19, Hannibal, Mo. Smith reported the theft of U. Rudd, 18, Elm, for operating an uninsured vehicle.

Nunn, 33, Oak, for possession of methamphetamine. Seventh, for possession of meth. Martinez, 45, Quincy, arrested for violation order of protection and possession of methamphetamine at Sixth and Oak. Lawton-Logsdon, 19, Quincy, arrested for driving while license suspended at Sixth and Spruce. Mathews, 34, Quincy, citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 36th and Broadway. Teamer, 59, Quincy, citations for operate uninsured vehicle and expired registration at Sixth and Oak.

Glas, 27, Quincy, arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and improper lane usage. Huff, 47, West Valley View, for retail theft and forgery.

Quincy man arrested for unlawful possession of a weapon, cannabis production

Hedges, 24, S. Schmitz, 58, Route Z, Lewistown, Mo. Ninth, for driving while license suspended and operating uninsured motor vehicle at Eighth and Maine. Selmon, 32, Washington, for operating uninsured motor vehicle at Eighth and Washington.The census counted a population of 40, in the city itself, up from 40, in As of July 1,the Quincy Micro Area had an estimated population of 77, During the 19th century, Quincy was a thriving transportation center as riverboats and rail service linked the city to many destinations west and along the river.

It was Illinois' second-largest city, surpassing Peoria in Quincy's location along the Mississippi River has attracted settlers for centuries. The first known inhabitants to the region were of the Illiniwek tribe. Years later, following numerous incursions, the SaukFox and Kickapoo also called the site home. Fur goods became a valuable commodity of the region, and European explorers and merchants alike were attracted to the prospects of the growing fur trade of the North American frontier.

The Mississippi River, acting as a superhighway for transporting goods downstream, became the area's most vital transportation asset. The Illinois Territory changed hands again a few decades later during the American Revolutionary War. After the War ofthe American government granted military tracts to veterans as a means to help populate the West. Peter Flinn, having acquired the land from veteran Mark McGowan for his military service inended up selling acres 0.

John Wood later founded Quincy, which at the time was coined Bluffs, Illinois.

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InBluffs renamed their community Quincy and became the seat of government for Adams Countyboth named after newly elected President John Quincy Adams. In addition, they originally named the town square John Square until eventually changing it to Washington Square.

Quincy incorporated as a city in Infollowing the signing of Missouri Executive Order 44many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fled persecution in Missouri and found shelter in Quincy.

Despite being vastly outnumbered by Mormon refugees, residents provided food and lodging for the displaced people. The s and s brought increased prosperity to Quincy. Steamboats and railroads began linking Quincy to places west, making the city a frequent destination for migrants. The founding of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad inand the construction of the Quincy Rail Bridgewere major drivers for creating a transportation hub in the region to further commerce.

One famous former resident of Quincy is George E. The future Confederate general as a young man came to Quincy to live, and learn the law, from his uncle Alexander Johnson in the s. Johnson was acquainted with Abraham Lincoln, and Pickett and Lincoln may have even met each other in Quincy. Bissell died while in office. At the time, he was overseeing business interests and the construction of his mansion. The Illinois legislature allowed him to stay in Quincy during his tenure, effectively making Quincy a "second" capitol for the state.

His absence from the official Governor's office in Springfield provided Abraham Lincoln a space for planning his Presidential run. The matter of slavery was a major religious and social issue in Quincy's early years. The Illinois city's location, separated only by the Mississippi River from the slave state of Missouri, which was a hotbed of political controversy on the issue, made Quincy itself a hotbed of political controversy on slavery.

Richard Eells, who was a staunch abolitionist, built his home in Quincy in and sheltered runaway slaves on their way to Chicago. His home became a major stop on the Underground Railroad. Senator Stephen A.

Douglas and his challenger, Abraham Lincoln. With an estimated crowd of 12, in attendance, Quincy was the largest community at which Lincoln and Douglas debated.

Exorcism on Paranormal State

Lincoln and Douglas again confronted each other in the Presidential election and the resulting campaign again divided Quincy and the surrounding region.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

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Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. In last night's episode of Paranormal State, the team responded to a call from an Illinois family who believed that a spirit was trying to harm their daughter.

It was determined that the girl was possessed and an exorcism was performed.

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I have been watching the show since it began. It's entertaining, but until last night, nothing had happened to get excited about. Last night's episode was different. I don't think it was faked. Did anyone else watch it?

What did you think about it? It's showing again on Nov. Clark W. I watched it last night as well. No idea if it was real or not, but it was interesting. I don't watch the show very often because it seems Ryan always seems to find some demon or non human entity instead of your average paranormal activity.

Everything is a demon to him. Just like when Ghosthunters Taps started out, Jason would always say, " You know me, I don't say this very often, but I do believe you've got some paranormal activity going on". Now, every episode he declares they have paranormal activity and he often says that same quote over and over again.

I watch those kind of shows for entertainment only. Is this episode on youtube yet? Originally posted by Clark W. Griswold I watched it last night as well. I agree. Ryan does seem to learn toward the demonic. In almost every episode, he brings religion into it.

You're absolutely right about the Taps person. I have heard him make that statement many times. I watch them purely for entertainment, also.

lara quincy illinois possession

This particular episode seemed more "real" to me than any of the others. Originally posted by emmy Is this episode on youtube yet? Ugh- that girl is faking so bad. If you have ever seen "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", her story will sound very familiar to you. Also, she can't look Ryan in the eyes at all when she tells her story. She suddenly conveniently begins to feel sick and can't go on when Ryan presses her for more information on an "EVP session" she says she did in Oct of He was wanted after allegedly pistol whipping a female and then running from police.

Sunday, Police say he led a car chase through Peoria. Monday monring, Police received information of his whereabouts and surrounded the home. He was wanted for aggravated domestic battery, aggravated discharge of firearm, criminal damage to property, unlawful use of weapon, and no FOID card. He also had outstanding warrants for unlawful possession of controlled substance and domestic battery.

727 Jump World FreeFall Convention, Quincy, IL 1996

Amy Dotson with Peoria Police said their hostage negotiation unit got right to work, making contact with Eckwood immediately. At one point during the conversation, Eckwood told police he was thinking of shooting himself. After several hours on the phone with negotiators, the result was one they hoped to avoid. Police say they heard a gunshot on the phone and then lost connection. Officers outside the home at the time reported hearing a gunshot as well. Dotson said they tried to talk to Eckwood, and get him to exit the house peacefully.

The goal was a peaceful resolution," she explained. Eckwood was in crisis and I think we can understand that clearly now," she added. At PM the police negotiators lost contact with Eckwood. Shortly after, a flash bang grenade was used as a distraction to gain entry to the home. Then police used a robot to search the house remotely before entering. However, he could not confirm that it was suicide.

But based on my preliminary investigation and my collaboration with Peoria Police Dept it's believed to be a self inflicted wound," he explained.

The office season 5 episode 20

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday morning. Several blocks from Spring St. The scene became a crowded and emotionally charged atmosphere shortly before PM when friends and family learned of Eckwood's death. Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, he attended Indiana Wesleyan University where he studied Education and played baseball.

March 31, pm Kyle Beachy News.

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