Di episode 38 ini menceritakan Sougo yang baru menyadari bahwa ada meteorit yang lebih besar dibelakang meteorit yang telah dia hancurkan sebelumnya. Sementara itu, si Tsukuyomi yang melakukan perjalanan ke masa depan telah menemukan suatu kebenaran yang mengejutkan. Untuk kalian yang belum sempat menonton episode yang sebelumnya yaitu episode yang ke 37 kemarin, kalian juga bisa mendapatkan video episode nya disini. Dia pun kembali ke Bumi untuk memikirkan cara menghancurkan meteorit tersebut, Bumi sedang dalam krisis.

Pada akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk menggabungkan kekuatan Zi-O Fourze Armor dengan Woz Ginga untuk mencegah meteorit tersebut bertabrakan dengan Bumi.

Tetapi sebelum mereka dapat melaksanakan rencana mereka, Kageyama telah muncul di hadapan mereka. Sementara itu, Tsukuyomi yang telah melakukan perjalanan ke masa depan bersama Tsukasadia melihat dirinya sendiri saat kecil di sebuah rumah bernuansa barat.

kamen rider zi o episode 38

Disanalah Tsukuyomi akhirnya akan menyadari suatu kebenaran yang mengejutkan. Episode Kamen Rider Zi-O. Postingan Terkait.

Buka Komentar. Kamen Rider.Doctor Gamer Zi-O On Parade Of the three Time Jackers, she finds White Woz as a callous and deplorable individual as she is pushed aside twice whenever he makes his presence known. Her villainy also shows no bounds as she is willing to manipulate others and make them think she is regretful for her own malicious actions. This is shown when she tricked the others in believing she actually cared for Heure when Swartz turned him into Another Kikai, later revealing that she had actually plotted with him to turn him into Another Kikai.

When Heure was defeated, she showed no compassion for him and simply voiced her disdain about her plan failing. Unfortunately for her, Swartz considers her and Heure as mere obstacles in his path to becoming the king, to the point of betraying the two, stealing her powers and making the Another Riders go after them to kill them.

Due to this, Ora shows that she values her own life and even killed Heure without remorse, explaining they'll never escape from Swartz's machinations and she will be the one who survives. However this was all a plan to discover Swartz's true plan and kill him herself, but it backfires and ultimately led to her death. On a funnier note, Ora seems to not possess life skills like cooking.

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List of Kamen Rider Zi-O episodes

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Episode Awaken, that Agito! Episode Unknown Memory Episode Rejoice! Episode First Love, Finaly! Episode Grand Climax! Kamen Rider Zi-O. Kamen Riders. Legend Riders. Time Jackers.

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Another Riders. Categories :. Rider Time Ryuki Riders. Another World Riders. G3 Team - Shun Kageyama Worm. Hiryu Kakogawa - Red Woz. Resistance : Resistance Captain.It is the second part of the Kamen Rider Kabuto tribute arc.

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It also features the debut of WozGingaTaiyo. It also reveals the identity of the man in black in Tsukuyomi's vision and her relationship with him. After seemingly appearing to have saved the world after destroying the massive meteorite with the FourzeArmor, little did they realize that there was an even larger meteorite right behind it!

Sougo returns to Earth once again to rethink their strategy. But before they can implement their new plan, Kageyama appears before them! Meanwhile, Tsukuyomi finds herself in a western-style house alongside Tsukasa Kadoya! It is there that Tsukuyomi will finally learn a shocking truth! Sougo asks Kagami's whereabout and Woz reveals that he is captured by Kageyama. Said Worm left a message to them, asking to meet him. Geiz is still chasing Yaguruma and asks why he is so stubborn about Kageyama.

The older Hell Bros explains that in the past, he killed Kageyama with his own hands and now swear to do it again if he must. When Geiz receives a call from Sougo, Yaguruma attacks him and escapes. Sougo gives both watches to Kageyama In the confusion, Kagami is freed by Gatack Zecter and he transforms, immediately entering Clock Up mode to defeat Kageyama.

But, Another Kabuto appears and fight him. Kagami is then reminded about his failure to become Kabuto 12 years ago.

kamen rider zi o episode 38

Somewhere in the city, Kageyama explains to his sworn brother that the meteor is containing his Worm comrades and together they will conquer Earth.

But Heure appears and says that they cannot conquer the world. He freezes time and steals both Fourze Ridewatch and Ginga Miridewatch. He then approach Swartz to asks about stopping the meteor, but the leader takes both watches and leave him. InTsukasa brings Tsukuyomi to her house.

In the second story, they meet young Tsukuyomi Suddenly Swartz appears and attack Tsukasa, while giving back 2 watches to Tsukuyomi, asking her to come back to as the world can't be saved without her power. Swartz leaves after saying that a new era will be born after this crisis. Tsukasa brings Tsukuyomi back and she immediately went to help Sougo. Tsukasa said that he finally understand what is going on, while Swartz that is observing them said that her sister, Tsukuyomi is finally going to be awakened.

Back in the city, Kagami laments about his weakness as the Kabuto Zecter didn't choose him. But, Sougo still asks him to be his chief at protecting people, as he wants to be a king. This baffles the senior Rider as even his eccentric friend won't spout such nonsense. Tsukuyomi appears and gives Sougo the missing 2 watches, and the plan to stop the meteor is finally starting. They both transforms and the battle is continued as Sougo and Woz go to space. Woz transforms to GingaFinally Taiyou mode and begins to incinerate the meteor.

But Kagami's still won't going down, stating himself to be a warrior.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 38 Subtitle Indonesia

Yaguruma asks the Worm to calls him "older brother" one final time, but the dying Kageyama rejects him. His false sworn brother finally dead, Yaguruma walks away solemnly. He gives it to Sougo and promises him that he will come back as his underling when Sougo becomes king. Back in 95 DO, Junichiro said that the meteor crisis overwhelms him and he made too much emergency food.Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 38 Subtitle Indonesia Sekarang sudah bisa kalian tonton dan download di Streamindodisini kalian bisa streaming atau unduh film movie ini tanpa iklan yang mengganggu dan melalui google sharer alias google drive sharer sehingga kalian bisa mendapatkan kecepatan yang maksimal tanpa perlu memikirkan waktu mengunduh atau buffering saat streaming.

Semua informasi tentang movie ini kami ambil dari IMDb dan atau TMDbselanjutnya kalian bisa membaca informasi dan sinopsis tentang film ini dibawah. Pada musim gugursebuah mesin waktu muncul di hadapan Sougo Tokiwa, seorang siswa sekolah menengah yang selalu bermimpi menjadi seorang raja.

Kemudian, Tsukuyomi muncul dari mesin waktu, memberi tahu Sougo, "Saya datang dari tahunsebuah dunia tanpa harapan di mana Oma Zi-O, raja waktu berkuasa.

Dia kemudian memberi Sougo peringatan yang tidak menyenangkan, "Kamu akan menjadi Kamen Rider Zi-O, Raja Waktu, raja iblis yang ditakdirkan untuk memerintah dunia. Ini adalah kisah tentang Penunggang Kamen yang akan menjadi raja, yang akan berjuang untuk menyelamatkan masa lalu, sekarang, dan masa depan, menghadapi berbagai Heisei Kamen Penunggang sepanjang ruang-waktu. Itulah tadi informasi dan sinopsis dari film Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 38 sub indoselanjutnya silahkan kalian download melalui link yang sudah disediakan dibawah, jika link download rusak silahkan segera dilaporkan dengan cara menulis komentar, kalian juga bisa nonton atau streaming movienya melalui player yang ada diatas dengan gratis.

Jangan lupa tinggalkan komentar sebelum atau sesudah menonton film ini ya. Jadi silahkan kalian simpulkan sendiri kualitasnya setelah kalian download atau tonton, kami berusaha untuk membagikan film dengan kualitas terbaik untuk kalian semua, selamat menikmati dan jangan lupa tuliskan komentar kalian tentang movie yang satu ini ya.

Nikmati film barat, film jepang, film india, film china, film korea, film thailand, film indonesia, dan film-film lainnya disini secara gratis dan kalian juga bisa request atau memesan kepada kami film apa saja yang kalian inginkan ada di website ini, kami akan segera menguploadnya jika filmnya sudah tersedia dan kami upload adalah movie yang sudah bersubtitle indonesia atau tulisannya sudah berbahasa indonesia, jadi kalian tidak akan bingung untuk mengartikan dialog didalamnya.

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Jika player atau link download mati silahkan gunakan alternative atau laporkan melalui komentar. Server Bahasa Kualitas Link. ActionDrama. Shin'ya Tsukamoto. DramaHorrorMysteryThriller. Zak Hilditch. James Cullen Bressack.

AdventureFamily. AustraliaMexicoUSA. James Bobin. ActionAdventureAnimationComedyFantasy.Woz calls Sougo back down to Earth so they can come up with a better strategy to deal with the super big asteroid. Woz proposes he use Ginga Finally Taiyo Mode to burn the asteroid from the inside. But first, Sougo reads a note revealing that Kagami has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Geiz approaches Yaguruma who wants to protect his little brother Kageyama even if he is a Worm.

Geiz gets a call about Kageyama taking Kagami and Yaguruma goes Another Kabuto, kicks Geiz in the stomach and zips off. Sougo and Woz find Kageyama who has Kagami all chained up. Kageyama demands Sougo and Woz hand over their space powers. They both toss their Watches over to the side allowing them to break Kagami free.

Kagami henshins to Gatack and charges at Kageyama. But Yaguruma arrives to help his little bro and grab the two Watches. Geiz mentions that Tsukasa said the same thing. The two brothers share some instant noodles. The important thing is they will always be together. Heure pops up in a umbrella and freezes time to allow him to take the Fourze and Ginga Watches.

InTsukasa has brought Tsukuyomi to the place where she lived. They enter the home where they run into young Tsukuyomi. Young Tsukuyomi recognizes them as time interlopers and she freezes them as her oniichan appears, wearing a black hat and coat.

Schwartz tosses Tsukasa outside and tosses Tsukuyomi the two Watches for her to return to the boys. He says the asteroid cannot be destroyed without her power.

Tsukuyomi and Tsukasa return to the present and she hurries to return the Watches to Sougo and Woz. Sougo asks if he can entrust the safety of his people to Kagami once he becomes king. Kagami laughs at the idea of Sougo wanting to become king.

Meanwhile on a rooftop, Geiz and Woz are facing off against Yaguruma and Kageyama. But all four of them are forced to dehenshin. Kageyama says the Worms-filled asteroid will guarantee the end of the world. Sougo arrives and returns the Watches to their owners. They all henshin and Sougo and Woz fly up into the sky to deal with the asteroid. Kagami and Geiz, meanwhile, have to take on the bros. Inside the asteroid, Woz goes Ginga Taiyo and lays waste to the inside and all the Worms who have hitched a ride.

Back down on Earth, Kagami is forced to dehenshin.

kamen rider zi o episode 38

But Kabuto Zecter comes flying in, confirming that Kagami has been accepted. Kagami henshins to Kabuto and the battle continues. Geiz reminds Yaguruma about having to defeat Kageyama if necessary. Yaguruma says he and Kageyama will just wander around together in hell. Geiz attacks Kageyama and forces him to dehenshin. Yaguruma charges toward Geiz for revenge. But Kagami hurries forward to block the attack and deliver a finisher at Yaguruma instead.It is the twentieth and final series in the Heisei period run and the twenty-ninth series overall.

The series tells the story of a young man who, according to visitors from the future, is destined to become a tyrant who will subjugate the entire world, and embarks on a journey across time to change his fate; meeting other Kamen Riders from the past along the way. Sougo Tokiwa is an year-old high school student who dreams of becoming a king. While Tsukuyomi is trying to divert Sougo from that destiny, Geiz seeks to kill him before he gains his power.

But they are unaware of a mysterious figure turning a young basketball player whose death he averted into a monstrous parody of Kamen Rider Build known as Another Build, who sets about attacking sports players. Returning to the present, Sougo encounters the prophet Woz, who assures him of his destiny of becoming king, so Sougo decides to embrace it and become a good demon king. Sougo manages to escape Geiz and learns that Another Build survived his attack, learning that a mysterious organization known as the Time Jackers are replacing Kamen Riders with their own twisted versions.

Things look bleak until Sougo uses the Build Ridewatch to equip the Build Armor, allowing him to permanently defeat Another Build and restore history.

Kamen Rider Zi o lawan Kabuto

Returning home, Sougo discovers that Geiz and Tsukuyomi are his new housemates. By Tsukuyomi's request, Geiz delays his plan to kill Sougo and they decide to keep watching him for a while, when they take heed of a mystery related to the Genius Gamer M.

Sougo and his companions offer their help to Emu Hojo so he can regain his powers, but Emu insists that he must do it his own way. While investigating a string of mysterious disappearances at Amanogawa High School, Sougo and company encounter both an Another Rider and the high school's Kamen Rider Club.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Episode 38 Subtitle Indonesia

Just when the case seemed solved, from the body of Another Fourze, a second monster, Another Faiz emerges. Sougo then must join forces with the real Kamen Rider Faiz to defeat it. Sougo and company learn about a suspicious magic show and investigate to see if an Another Rider is involved. Tsukuyomi falls victim to Another Wizard's powers and Geiz, blaming Sougo for what happened to her, departs to confront the enemy alone, when Kamen Rider Beast appears to help them.

Kuroto Dan establishes his own nation, declaring independence from Japan, and while investigating him, Sougo and Geiz discover that the Time Jackers are involved. Sougo becomes Kuroto's subordinate and Geiz starts believing that he is indeed following the path to become the tyrant Ohma Zi-O, unaware of his true motives. Sougo and co. To make matters more confusing, another Sougo appears before them! Tsukuyomi and Woz learn that one of the two Sougos came from further into the future so he could use the new Ridewatch he got from Kamen Rider Gaim to help Geiz.

Geiz escapes from Helheim Forest redetermined to kill Sougo as soon as possible, but while facing a new Another Rider that is taking people's souls, he and Sougo encounter Kamen Riders Ghost and Decade. Sougo has become a ghost, and in order to return him to normal, Geiz travels back to the year to defeat Another Ghost, when Kamen Rider Decade appears to stop him. However, Decade intervenes and sends Sougo 50 years into the future, where he has an encounter with Ohma Zi-O himself.

After witnessing Geiz in danger, he's forced to make a fateful decision. Sougo and Geiz face a new Another Rider who can reflect all attacks against it with two times the power, and their investigation leads them to meet Daisuke Okubo, chief editor of the ORE Journal. Sougo confronts a mirror version of himself while Geiz looks for a way to destroy Another Ryuga and rescue him from the Mirror World. The two riders however, are determined to overcome all obstacles and confront each other in their destined fight.

Tokutube - Kamen Rider Zi-O Episódio 38

Though Sougo made peace with Geiz and Tsukuyomi, they have little time to celebrate as the appearance of Kamen Rider Diend and an Another Rider results in the reunion of two opposing Kamen Riders who parted ways after an epic battle between them fourteen years ago. When Sougo's group faces a stronger Another Agito to restore his victims to normal, Tsukuyomi appears to unlock a mysterious power hidden within herself.

Woz struggles to figure out how to properly celebrate Sougo's upcoming birthday as Another Hibiki attacks with Todoroki and the current holder of the Hibiki title dealing with the Another Rider themselves. As Sougo's birthday arrives, he appproaches Kyosuke Kiriya for Kamen Rider Hibiki's powers, but the latter reveals that he had never truly surpassed his teacher.

Just then, a new enemy named Kamen Rider Ginga enters the fray to destroy the world.It is the twenty-ninth television series overall, as well as the twentieth and final series in the Heisei period. The series and related films also feature returning actors reprising their roles from the previous Heisei series. Sougo Tokiwa, a high school student born in the yeardreams of one day becoming a king. Suddenly, he meets a mysterious girl named Tsukuyomi, who's come from the year with an ominous warning: "You will become Kamen Rider Zi-O, the King of Time; the demon destined to rule the world.

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He is aided in his quest by Geiz Myokoin, a resistance fighter from capable of becoming Kamen Rider Geiz who initially intended to kill Sougo to prevent his future tyranny, and a self-titled prophet named Woz who wants the youth to become the tyrant Ohma Zi-O, who later gains the power to become Kamen Rider Woz. Along their journey, Sougo and his friends meet several Kamen Riders from the past and their allies; earning their trust and obtaining their powers.

Eventually, Sougo discovers that Swartz, the Time Jackers' leader, is actually Tsukuyomi's older brother and was manipulating both the Riders and his fellow Jackers in his plan to fuse all of the parallel worlds from the Kamen Rider multiverse into a single, unified world in order to destroy it and prevent his own world from being destroyed.

Despite their best efforts, Sougo and his allies fail to stop Swartz until the former finally accepts his destiny and becomes Ohma Zi-O to destroy him.

kamen rider zi o episode 38

However, instead of taking control of the world as it was foretold he would do, Sougo renounces his powers in order to undo all of Swartz's damage; creating a new reality where he lives in peace with Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and the other Time Jackers.

As the show pays tribute to the Heisei period Kamen Riders, each episode title consists of a short phrase related to a particular Heisei Rider series and a year relevant to it. In every arcs, Decade 's tribute is mostly involved in specific two episodes of three first arcs' respective Kamen Rider tribute, and plays more important roles in all episodes of the last arc.

The events of the film take place between episode 12 and This movie takes place after episode 43 as Geiz told Chase that he mentions Go Shijima later on in the series endgame.

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The events of the film took place after the end of the main series. This game was released on November 29, for the Nintendo Switch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: the article contains incoherent grammar, lacking sentence structure. Please help improve this article if you can. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Tokusatsu Superhero fiction Crossover fiction. Ishimori Productions Toei Company. Naohiko Fujino Rikiya Koyama Opening. Tokusatsu Network. Retrieved 26 July Retrieved 3 August Retrieved 9 November

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